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What I Like

I like to travel a lot my favorite place that I have traveled to is Panama city Beach Florida. this is my favorite place because there is so many activities to do and the  place we stayed at had a amazing view of the ocean. We got to drive go carts and we went put-put. so Panama City Beach Florida is my favorite place I have traveled by far. But there is a place I really want to go… That place is Hawaii  Because I heard it is so beautiful there.

My favorite anther is Jeff Kinney he writes my favorite series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I think his books are very funny and cool and I can relate to some of his books. I like what he writes so much I read the whole series.n his books are amazing.

My favorite song is heavydirtysoul by 21 pilots. they are my favorite band and I like all of there songs. There songs are so peaceful and cool. The reason this is my favorite song is I like the beat and rhythm and the way they use the words.

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Wiffle Ball Tournament News

Hi me and two other people are making a wiffle ball tournament to help orphans. So this is how it works people will donate wiffle or baseball equipment. So those kids who donated will get to participate in a wiffle ball tournament. I think our biggest accomplishment so far is getting permission to use our schools baseball field and I think that is a very big accomplishment some more of my accomplishments are getting a mentor to help use with are project so we have a better understanding of what we do. one more big accomplishment is making flyers to send out to get people to join. I think all of these are big accomplishments because they helped use on are project a lot.

My goals for December on this project is to talk to the orphanage and send out the flyers that we made flyers to get people to donate. we also b need to talk to the orphanage to get permission to give them the equipment.Creative Commons License

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Vietnam 1974 - Trẻ mồ côi lai Mỹ tại một cô nhi viện do các nữ tu phục vụ


My Three Favorite Holidays

I will tell you what my 3 favorite holidays are.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to see my whole family. And I don’t get to see them a lot because some of them live in Nashville and Louisville and they can’t come to come to my house that much because they work a lot. Another reason I like Christmas is because I get presents.

My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving Because I see my family. another reason why I like Thanksgiving is we get a delicious dinner that my whole family comes out and makes together. then we say what we are thankful for and eat.

My third favorite holiday is Easter because we have a lot of traditions and I get to see my family. one tradition is when e wake up we get a Easter basket filled with candy. then we go to our grandmas house and everyone there gets a Easter basket to then we have a Easter egg hunt.

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My school

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My school is really cool and the teachers are really nice my school is called Gray Middle School it is very fun I like all the classes but my favorite write now is art. the teachers hear treat you with respect as long as you treat them with respect. That is one of the things I like the most because you get to have fun with your teachers as well this is probably my favorite school I have ever been to witch is saying a lot because I have been to 4 other schools.

Gray also has has several different clubs that you can be in like Basketball, cheering, golfing, archery, wrestling team, cross country,ect. we have lots of fun activities that any abnormal person can do. I really like my school and it’s teachers and you should like yours to. Gray  Athletic program


Baseball is my favorite sport because I am really good at it and I will be telling you all about baseball. Baseball was invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday in New York. Now baseball is a national sport played around the world that is shown on TV and you can buy tickets to the games.

I play baseball all the time and I think it is really fun but some people don’t. the possessions in baseball are pitcher witch I play there is also catcher witch I also play. and there is 1st basemen second basemen short stop third basemen and the outfielders. so the possessions that I play are pitcher, first basemen, shortstop, outfield, catcher those are the possessions that I play.

Baseball is my favorite sport because it is really fun and I am really good at it and because I get to play with my friends. I really like to play with my friends in baseball and it is competitive I love to do things that are competitive. I also like baseball because I get to throw things witch I think every kid should love. thanks for reading and good by.



discovery of baseball

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info about baseball

The spooky information

Activity 1: A attribution is how to prevent plagiarism from happening,  you can give a attribution by saying where you found information or a picture online or you say who made it. So if you don’t give a attribution then you can get in a lot of trouble. So make sure you give a attribution to prevent plagiarism. With all this talk about plagiarism some of you may be thinking what is plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s work which is illegal. So a attribution is giving the name of the person who wrote or made what you used in your work. So make sure you give a attribution because it is not legal if you don’t.


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The pumpkin was orange and lit

With another on the inside

They both have a smile or a grin

It is dark like the night sky

But lit up orange on the inside


The one on the inside is small

But spooky and scary

It goes in the front yard

And at night everyone it lights up

In the night sky.
















The picture blog

Activity 3:  the Bengals are loosing 21 to 27 in the 4th quarter with 20 seconds left. The Bengals have the ball they call a timeout to stop the clock. Next play they have there wide receivers go deep Andy Dalton throws it deep down the field…  you finish the story

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Activity 4:      Image result for andy dalton throwing ball


Image result for football in the air


Image result for football landing in aj green's hands





Image result for aj green running with footballhttp://




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My super creative and awesome avatar

Hello. Today I will be saying why I made my avatar the way it is and how it is like me. I made my avatar like that because I thought it looked cool and I liked it. It resembles me by the hair, eyes, what he is wearing, and where he is. First, I will talk about his hair. His hair looks like mine a lot and the color looks a lot like mine. Now I will talk about the eyes his eye color is the same as mine of course you can’t see that because of the sunglasses and I also where sunglasses. Now I will be talking about his clothes his clothes are one of my favorite colors and I wear it a lot. Now I will be talking about were he is he is at a sports field and I love sports it is one of my favorite things to do. That was about my avatar.     Doppel Me

My avatar 

My passions

My passion is baseball and I will be telling you about it. Baseball is my favorite sport I love it so much and in the spring my team even one the championship. I also play a few other sports but I like baseball the most. I like baseball because it is fun and I am really good at it. Also if I have a bad game or I strike out and I am down my team will pick me up and make me feel better about myself. I also like baseball because I get to run around, stay healthy, and throw stuff and that´s always fun.

Now I am going to tell you what possessions I play in baseball. I play catcher, catcher is where you catch the ball behind home plate after the pitcher throes it. I also play first base, the first basemen catches the ball while there foot is on the base to get the guy who hit it out. I also sometimes play shortstop on my team it is basically the same thing as firs base but it is the head of the infield. I also bat fourth. This was a blog about my passions thanks.

gear condition is not as important

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