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Hello. Today I will be saying why I made my avatar the way it is and how it is like me. I made my avatar like that because I thought it looked cool and I liked it. It resembles me by the hair, eyes, what he is wearing, and where he is. First, I will talk about his hair. His hair looks like mine a lot and the color looks a lot like mine. Now I will talk about the eyes his eye color is the same as mine of course you can’t see that because of the sunglasses and I also where sunglasses. Now I will be talking about his clothes his clothes are one of my favorite colors and I wear it a lot. Now I will be talking about were he is he is at a sports field and I love sports it is one of my favorite things to do. That was about my avatar.     Doppel Me

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  1. Derek

    I loved your about me! It was fun reading about you. I wish that you could’ve put what your personality is, or more about you. You should work on your punctuation and grammar. I’m going to give you some tips when you spell Where, Wear or Were, where is if you are going to some place like “Yea I don’t know where I’m going.” Then, wear “I’m going to wear something.” And, were “You were really nice to me last night.” That’s how I remember Where, Wear and Were. I wonder where you found Doppel Me. Here come to my blog at

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