Hi my name is Austin and this is my all about me blog. I like to play sports like baseball it is my favorite sport and I am really good at it and in the spring I won the championship.  It was really fun and after my game my dad took me to get ice cream. Some other things about me is I like two exercise to stay fit for all of the sports I play like football, baseball, and basketball I am really good at all of them

              Also I have really good friends that play with me a lot and it is really fun to go to the pool with them. I also am nice to people just because it is the rite thing to do like even if i am not friends with them doesn’t mean you cant be kind to them. I Also have a sister we fight a lot but I still love her a lot. Also my sister does gymnastics my mom takes her there most of the time. And I used to play soccer but now I don’t. and I am older then my sister but not by a lot.

             And my favorite season is summer my favorite thing to do in the summers go to the pool and the beach. I also hate school because we always half to be quite and I am not good at that and we half to read a lot it is so boring and we also half to do homework and guess what this is homework. And I used to play video games until my ps4 broke video games was one of my favorite things to do and hen one day my ps4 just decided to break. And I also have the best dad in the world. And last year i got X-rays on my teeth. And last year I went to golf shores Alabama. And I am also zany well this is the end of my blog don’t get to sad.